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Closed Partition Recovery

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Is there anyway to restore a closed partition which hasnt been backed up, however was being backed up earlier as open partition?

Thank you.


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I'm not sure I follow your question.  

Is there missing data in this closed partition?

Do you have the data on a backup somewhere?  

Restoring data to a partition can cause a reconciliation issue with the data in the vault store database. Ie, mis-matched information between physical data on disk and database

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You can restore a partition independent of its status, if that is what you mean.

What backup are you using? Are the partitions on sepertate volumes?


I had an open file server vault store partition, which was being backed up. However once it closed, we were not takign backup. I currently dont have the backup for the partition - open or closed. 

I'm using Netbackup, however I realize now that the partition when open was being backed up. But when it CLOSED our policy did not include the backup for the same (policy was only for OPEN). 

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If I understand you correctly you say, that the backupjob of the partition, that was open at the time and is not anymore, has aged out?

In this case you can not restore it.

If the backupjob is still in the retention time, then you can restore it from there.

This is why it is good to have monthly or yearly backup states with longer retention times.

Archives are always regarded to be longliving, which means that you must be able to restore old sets of data, out of a backup.


There is also a hardware solution to this problem, longterm backups. There are hardware producers, that guarantee no loss of any data on their hardware. They work similar to RAIDs but aren't. Write me a personal message if that sounds interesting.