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Compatibility with different OWA extensions

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I have a compatibility quesiton I've been unable to answer anywhere else.

I have large Enterprise Vault enviornment which is still on version 7.5, and am currently deploying a new enviornment that is version 8.  Both enviornments share the same OWA servers.

I've already found that the new v8 clients do not get the EV functionality through OWA...presumably because the OWA extensions installed are v7.5

So the question is...if I upgrade the OWA extensions to v8, will the v7.5 clients still work?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  And no...upgrading all the 7.5 clients to v8 is not an acceptable answer :)


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OWA has nothing to do with the clients...

I assume you want to know if the users who have the archive on 7.5 will be able to use OWA with extentions of ev8, or vv.

My GUESS is not, but I am not sure.

It would be easiest (although administrative painfull) to seperate frontendservers, and tell you users which url to use.

ie - EV7.5 users go to
ev80 users go to

where webmail1 is the frontend server linked to the 7.5 environment, and webmail2 linked to 80 environment.

Or, test in a VM environment ;)
Regards. Gertjan

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You're correct, client wasn't the right word.  My GUESS is that it would work.  I'm actually suprised that v8 archives don't work with v7.5 OWA extensions...did anything really change with the OWA extensions?

I'm also suprised that this isn't covered in the compatibility guide, its so detailed it usually answers this type of question.

i'm holding out hope that I don't have setup my own test enviornment for this...surely someone out there has been through this!

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You will really need to enable the OWA diagnostic logging, and see what is being said in that.

I know many customers that have 2 seperate EV environments served by the same OWA servers (and therefore the same extensions)

I suspect you're not getting the icons/archiving features because of a misconfiguration or permissions issue, but like I said.. without the diagnostic log file it's difficult to tell.
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We actually got that idea that it wasn't working because of the OWA extensions mismatch from Symantec support.  It sounds like maybe we're on the wrong trail.  Thank you Rob.