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Configuring Exchange 2007 Outlook Anywhere On ISA 2006 within EV 8.03

Level 5
  Hello to all,

It is interesting to me that, how to correctly configure Enterprise Vault 8.03 with Outlook Anywhere - RPC  Over HTTP using ISA Server 2006.  

So, I found the following KB: , but i have seen some misconfiguration within. Briefly, It doesn't  fit  to my enterprise.

I have Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and the OWA & RPC Over HTTP Services are already working on Client Access Server.
I have also Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 in the enterprise. OWA and RPC, both are already published in ISA 2006 and I need to turn-on (publish) also Enterprise Vault that from external use "Outlook Anywhere" Users could access their archived items without  problems.

 In summary, could you assist me and suggest a normal configuration method of Enterprise Vault  integration with Outlook Anywhere  in ISA 2006.... ? 

 As you have made configuration of EV RPC on ISA 2006..... and does it works normally ?

 I really need your experience.

Thanks in advance,

Level 5

Still no ideas,.... ?

Level 5

 I really need your advices to this case and have you some experience to work with...

 Any helpful ideas and suggestions will be appreciated......

 Thanks in advance,

Level 4

Hi Bagrationi,
I'm having the same problem myself.  Did you manage to solve this ?