Congrats to Tony Sterling!

I just wanted to post a quick thing on this forum and to say congrats to mr Tony Sterling on having reached 1000 solutions!
I'm not entirely sure who on connect has the most solutions reached, however 1000 is pretty impressive.
With 1000 solutions out of 4,600+ comments, that means well over a quarter of his comments in these threads results in being the right answer!

Good job dude Smiley Happy
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Good Job    @JesusWept2: I

Good Job yes


@JesusWept2: I guess Vikram Kumar has highest number of solutions(1698)  to his name.


Thanks dude!  Much

Thanks dude!  Much appreciated.  Smiley Happy

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Good catch! Well, that guy

Good catch!
Well, that guy has a distinct advantage of being an employee though Smiley Tongue

Top stuff Tony, you must be a

Top stuff Tony, you must be a millionare?


Congrats Tony

Way to go Tony. I am sure that your assistance has been vastly appreicated well over 1000 times...


Good stuff Tony

Keep up the good work!!



Congratulations indeed!


Now, if you wanna hang back for a bit until the rest of us finish Googling...


congrats and wow

congrats and wow


i just saw this. nice work

i just saw this. nice work tony :-)