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Consideration about journal mailboxes.

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Hi team. 

I have 9 Exchange servers and almost 200 journal mailboxes. 

Each Exchange server has no more then 4 journal databases there. 

I've decided to change how these journal mailboxes are distributed among Exchange servers and among Journal databases. At the end I would like to be sure that each EV server is loaded equally. 

I got a report for the last 2 months for all journal mailboxes and found obvious facts: 

1. Most loaded journal mailbox has gotten 3.5 millions journal reports (~220 GB) for the last 2 months. 

2. On the average journal mailbox gets 495k journal reports (61.24 GB). 

To do an appropriate changes in EV environemnt I would like to understand what has more impact on EV performance - message size or amount of archived journal reports? What should I use as a key parametr? Or I should use another 'calculated' paramets (such as 'the avaerage size of each report' or 'amoung of items per 1GB of data')? 

(Will EV faster and efficiently processes 1 millions of small reporst (KB), or 1000 journal reports of 25MB each?)

When I know what is more important for EV then I'll distribute equally existing journal mailboxes among 9 Exchange servers, configure new tasks and will be more or less sure that EV works equally. 


Thanks . 


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what considerations or requirements in your design requires 200 journal mailboxes?

Level 3

Hi AndrewB.

Actually oranization is quite big and emails traffic is high. Plus there is internal rules + splitting based on legal entities, etc.

In fact there are just few of journal mailboxes with have low email traffic. Even if it would be necessary to decrease amount of journal mailboxes, it may be decreased to 150, but not less.

Anyway, back to my topic, I would like to know what should I use as a primary key\parametr: message size or amount of messages per each journal mailbox? Should I guarantee ~ the same amount of items per each jourlal mailbox or the same about of data (GB) per each journal mailbox?