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Consolidate Exchange servers and options for two EV sites

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Looking to consolidate an Exchange environment and unsure of best way to approach the EV service.


Current design is as follows:


EV Site A, archives all mailboxes on Exchange server A.

EV Site B, archives all mailboxes on Exchange server B.


EV Site A & B share the same directory database. 


The plan is to consolidate Exchange servers A & B onto one box.


However believe that creates a problem as only one Exchange archiving task can exist.  That I guess means one EV site has no way of processing new messages for its archives.


Would either of the following be achievable:

  • Have two Exchange archiving tasks (one in each EV site) for the same Exchange server.


  • Consolidate the EV environment to one site without going through the pain of exporting and importing every archive. 


If not would the only other option be to create new archives in one of the sites and just keep the other site for retrieval of existing archived items?




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I think your solution number one *should* work. Haven't used EV Sites yet, but from my point of view it should be possible to create 2 archiving tasks out of two different sites to the same exchange server.


But having two EV Sites is a bit of a overhead for an administrator, I think.


Unfortunately, consolidating sites is not that easy.

If you're interested, we may have a tool which could assist you, if you choose to consolidate:




cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.