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Consolidating EV-Policies - Offline Search is needed

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Hi Guys,

our target policy and config is to archive Mails after 4 weeks with Shortcut creation, after 12 month Shortcuts will be deleted.

Users can choose between default Online and optional Offline availability.

After updating to EV Version 11 ( ) with the new EV Search,

we mentioned that mails which are older than 12 month and shortcuts are deleted, will not found anymore when you search in Offline enviroment.

Virtual Vault is no alternativ because PSTs are not allowed by internal security policies,
Outlook WebAccess is in this case also no alternative because of missing internet connection,
Outlook WebApp with EV is also no alternative because Apps are forbidden to use, no access to MS Store.

1. Question: Is there a possibility to force "EV Search" to use EV Offline Cache, if no internet connection is available?

2. Question: If it is only possible to use a search over Shortcuts in Outlook Cache  with Outook Instand Search or Virtual Vault, where is the Offline benefit?
Shotcuts are damaging the Windows Search Indicies, Virtual Vault is to faulty for syncing with bad connections. 

3. There is no possibility to save Shortcuts forever, because MS BestPractices with "Managing HighItemCount in folders" provides some limits! 
If I need Offline access to archived Emails in EV and this is only possible over Shotcuts anymore, then there is a target conflict with MS BestPractices!

Thank you in advance




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1. EV Search is a webpage hosted on the EV server so it requires online access and has no connection to Vault Cache

2. Vault Cache (aka what you referece as "offline") allows you to open those shortcuts when you're not online. however, if you're allowed to use Vault Cache in your environment then you should be allowed to use Virtual Vault. if you're allowed to use Outlook in cached mode then you should also be allowed to use Virtual Vault.

3. it's about finding a balance. if users really need offline access all the time to emails older than 12 months then sounds like your 4 week / 12 month policy is too aggressive given the constraints you have to work with.