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Convert Standalone Server to Cluster

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Dear All,

I was trying to Configure EV server In cluster Mode

Already EV server is configured 

Installed Second Node

Created Windows Cluster and configured Cluster Role

When i was running Convert to cluster Wizard, its giving me error that your DNS aliase is configured with FQDN

DNS aliase is archive.domain.local

In our Environment we are not using shortcuts so far, just want to know can i make some changes on SQL and make it work


I need to prepare 2 new Server , configure CLuster and then use Migration Wizard for the Migration



Gagandeep Singh Hoda


Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

Hi Gagandeep,

You should be able to convert from standalone to cluster irrespective of using DNS alias with FQDN or not.

Have you updated the alias to point to the cluster name while running the conversion wizard?

What is the exact error that you are getting?


Hi Virgil

Thanks for the reply. Yes I pointed the DNS Alias to new Cluster Name . When I am running the Wizard it gives Below error:


your enterprise vault site is not configured to use site alias

Its talking about stite alias, as far as i know we cannot change it , i checked SQL and below is the site alias:



I think its not configured as FQDN, Just want to confirm confirm can i use below POA

1. Create new VMS 

2. Create New CLuster

3. Use Migration Wizard