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ConvertArchive process

Level 3
I'm currently working through converting the indexes on our Enterprise Vault server so that users will have the ability to use Archive Explorer. We are running version 5.0 SP6 and after submitting the request it seems to work well, and the monitor says complete (As do the event logs).

However, if I use Outlook or IE to view the archive it does not show the folder structure. I had this issue yesterday as well , and when I go back in to the ConvertArchive utility, they re-appear as if they have not been converted. The archives that I didn't view yesterday but did convert seem to be ok today. Is there some sort of process that has to occur before I can view them with the correct foilder structure? The ones I viewed yesterday look as if they need to be converted again and work fine if I run through the process again.

Not sure if that's overly clear but let me know if you have any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Level 3

Just a thought really have you tried synchornising the mailbox of any of these users before looking at the archive using outlook?

I am in the process of converting archives myself so will be interesting to know how you fix this.

Level 3
Just tried the sync, but no difference unfortunately