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Copy to mailbox from Outlook fails

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Hi All

We've recently had some users who receive a faile error message if they use the "Copy To Mailbox" feature in Outlook and Enterprise Vault Search page. I've managed to track it down to the fact their mailbox in Exchange has been moved from one mailbox database to another. We do this from time to time to balance out the data. We have 12 Exchange 2016 servers and 6 EV 12.4.1 servers, so each EV server processes 2 Exchange servers.

I did a DTrace on w3wp and Shopping and see the items retreived and setup in the basket OK but the actual restore into the mailbox fails.

467556 14:05:16.132 [221296] (w3wp) <142024> EV~E |Event ID: 41480 The User 'INTERNAL\ABC123' attempted to restore following item(s) into mailbox ''.|Restore operation status:|'1' Failed SavesetIDs:|#63835$11F7D4B3455FF6447B249B05740C9695F1110000EVault1|Please check storage server event log for more details.

So this user has their vault store on EV server 1 but their mailbox on Exchange server 3. EV server 1 looks after Exchange server 1 & 2 (archiving tasks), so it appears that server 1 can't access Exchange server 3 for some reason to put the item back in the mailbox. If I move this users mailbox back to Exchange server 1 it all works OK.

I'm still digging but if anyone could shed some light on the issue it would be great.

Cheers Peter


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Do you habe a systemmailbox for wach of the exchange servers and did you set the send as permissions correctly for the EV service account (vsa)

Hi There. Yes we have system mailboxes for each Exchange server. I wasn't aware that the VSA needed send as. It has all the recommended access as per the Veritas doco, and I don't recall seeing send as in there, but will take another look. The fact the copy works when the Exchange mailbox is back on the original mailbox database would to indicate it's some permission or access type issue.