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Copying File Archiving with out restoring

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I am trying to copy large size of archived files from the source to another destination but without actually restoring the files from the original location. I have done some testing using FSAUtility command with the restore parameters but these parameters does copy the files but also restore them.


Is there a way I can copy the files without restoring them or without modifying the placeholders.


the syntax that I have tried to use is:


FSAUtility.exe -t -s "UNC source" -d "UNC destination" -l 0 -r



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You can use FSAUtility -PM switch to only migrate the placeholders.

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You want to use the -pm options, here is an extract from the relevant KB article:


"You can use FSAUtility with the -pm parameter to migrate placeholders and archive points from a source folder structure to a destination folder structure, for example on another volume or file server.

This option moves the placeholders and archive points, but it does not move any files in the archives. The migrated placeholders retain their links to the archived files in their original locations. This option therefore provides a faster solution for moving placeholders than the FSAUtility move (-m) option. Use the -m option if you want to move archives, consolidate vault stores, or align archives with file servers.

This option always migrates placeholders in subfolders recursively, provided that they reside under a valid archive point. The option creates the destination subfolders, if necessary."

The important thing to remember with this option is that the files will remain in the existing archives, the good thing is that nothing will be restored to the file server.

Level 5


I had a look at -pm parameters but I am not sure if I need to move placeholders or archive points. I would like to keep all the archive points, archived file and placholders as they are but only get a copy these files to another location for testing purposes not for file archiving purpose.

I used this line and some how it has copied the files BUT not restored the archived files at the original location. this is not what I expected.

FSAUtility.exe -t -s "\\fileserver1\Old" -d "\\filesserver2\Temp\" -l 0

thank you both,