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Could not access mail item from AE

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Hi  Team,

We  are  using  EV 11 for  archiving  exchange 2013 mailbox  and  journal mailbox archiving.

When  we  access  archived item  from  AE , we  get  an error : The item could not be downloaded.[0IOM]

I  got  multiple  errors  on EV server:

Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Converters
Source:        Enterprise Vault Converters
Date:          6/20/2016 11:25:00 AM
Event ID:      28993
Task Category: Storage Archive
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Unable to convert item content
Reason: Conversion failed      (0xc00419e0)
Supplementary Info:  
Item: SA:-0
Subject: Plan(1786)2016-06-20_11-23-42-AM.xlsx
Type: xlsx
Vault ID: 1566CD085C503DC44AE0B122450014D1F1110000mailarchive
SaveSet ID: 201606206402073~201606200554190000~Z~315255DE1545C66D8676691D3ECA7841
Attachment ID: 1
This item will be archived without a preview being available to the web application and the  content will not be indexed. It is not possible to search on the content but the item can be restored  as normal
For more information, see Help and Support Center at


 In  EV information window  I  found below errors :

Error getting the MAPI Object - ref:80040111

Outlook connection state Cache connected full(8)


This error  disappears  when we restart OUTLOOK.


Client  trace logs attached  for reference..


Please provide  solution regarding  same.



Prajyot K
















Level 5
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Hi  Team

Kindly  help on  solution



Prajyiot K

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I think I have had a similar problem with Excel files that were to long.

EV tries to convert it to text/html, but it was to huge so it went into a limiter. I can not recall what limitation it was.

You could set the value higher, which had the drawback that very large excels would take a long time to be converted. 

If you have an Excel with a lot of rows or columns this might be your problem.


By the way it is not an error, it is a warning.

The attachment can not be searched or previewed but it will be restored normally.