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Create Alias EVServer after install

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Hello, i have question about EVault Alias.

Customer has install Evault since 2 Year. Noe we have upgrade to 11.0.1 CHF3. Next step is to move Server to new Server.

Is it possible to create an ALIAS in a running EVault Site. The Customer has not create on.

Sitename ist Servername.

Thanks for help


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Hi Thomas,

Yes, it is actually recommended to create a DNS alias for the EV servers.  It makes the server migration process easier and also for the "building blocks" method of high availability (see EV 11.0 Admin Guide pg. 395).  So for example, if your actual EV server name today is EVServer1, you can create a DNS alias called EVServer1 and when you move to new server hardware, change that DNS alias to point to the new server.  Here's the process to move EV to a new server -

Hope this helps and good luck!

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this technote has instructions on how to change the alias of an EV server:

How to change the DNS alias of the Enterprise Vault server
Article URL:

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It is extremely difficult to add an alias after the fact, especially 2 years later.  As stated above the only option would be to create a new server and use the old server name as a cname record on the new server, effectivly using the old server name as the alias for EV.