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Create Archive in EV using EVPM

I was trying ingest some PST to EV, some users don't have the Archive in EV yet. EV version is

Follow Rob's instructions in the link:

I got error:

Error parsing command file: c:\eatemp\ep18.ini, error follows:

Line number in error:   33
Section in error:   PST
Attribute in error: VaultName
Value in error:     mtuser4 test
Error parsing the config (.ini) file

This is my ini looks like,  if I change to a existing archive if will succeed.


DirectoryComputerName= xxxxx

SiteName = xxxxx



PSTLanguage=Western European


CancelMbxAutoArchive = False

ConcurrentMigrations = 10

IncludeDeletedItems = True

SetPSThidden = false

SetPSTReadOnly = false

CompactPST = false

DeletePST = True

FileName = c:\eatemp\mtuser1 test.pst
VaultName = mtuser4 test
RetentionCategory = Default Retention Category
ServerComputerName = xxxxx
MergePSTFolders = false

That means I have create the Archive first in EV,  is a script can enable the Archive?



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You can manually create the

You can manually create the archives in EV Admin Console under Archives - Shared and then use SQL to update the archives such

--This is to set the archive to be a structured archive

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
UPDATE ArchiveView
SET Structured = '1' WHERE ArchiveName = 'Test User'

--This is to Set the ArchiveLimitSize to 0 i.e. Unlimited

UPDATE ArchiveView
SET ArchiveLimitSize = '0' WHERE ArchiveName = 'Test User'

--This is to change from Shared Archive to Mailbox Archive

UPDATE ArchiveView
SET Type = '9' WHERE ArchiveName = 'Test User'

--Shared Archive = 5
--Mailbox Archive = 9

--This is to view and check the changes above

Select * from ArchiveView
where ArchiveName = 'Test User'

Once SQL is done correctly, the archives that you created in Archives - Shared - will be listed in Archives - Exchange Mailbox

Once done you can then ingest PSTs to this archives from the PST Import process the usual way.


Hope this helps.

Re: Create Archive in EV using EVPM

Thanks for the comment.

However you still need to manually create the archives in EV Admin right? is it possible to create the Archive programmatically? 

Re: Create Archive in EV using EVPM

The link that Rob posted is to ingest PSTs into an archive that is already created I believe and not to create an archive using EVPM.

There's a technote to enable an archive for a mailbox user - but not to create one as a shared mailbox - I have not come across one to be honest.