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Create Archive in EV using EVPM

Level 2

I was trying ingest some PST to EV, some users don't have the Archive in EV yet. EV version is

Follow Rob's instructions in the link:

I got error:

Error parsing command file: c:\eatemp\ep18.ini, error follows:

Line number in error:   33
Section in error:   PST
Attribute in error: VaultName
Value in error:     mtuser4 test
Error parsing the config (.ini) file

This is my ini looks like,  if I change to a existing archive if will succeed.


DirectoryComputerName= xxxxx

SiteName = xxxxx



PSTLanguage=Western European


CancelMbxAutoArchive = False

ConcurrentMigrations = 10

IncludeDeletedItems = True

SetPSThidden = false

SetPSTReadOnly = false

CompactPST = false

DeletePST = True

FileName = c:\eatemp\mtuser1 test.pst
VaultName = mtuser4 test
RetentionCategory = Default Retention Category
ServerComputerName = xxxxx
MergePSTFolders = false

That means I have create the Archive first in EV,  is a script can enable the Archive?




Level 4

You can manually create the archives in EV Admin Console under Archives - Shared and then use SQL to update the archives such

--This is to set the archive to be a structured archive

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
UPDATE ArchiveView
SET Structured = '1' WHERE ArchiveName = 'Test User'

--This is to Set the ArchiveLimitSize to 0 i.e. Unlimited

UPDATE ArchiveView
SET ArchiveLimitSize = '0' WHERE ArchiveName = 'Test User'

--This is to change from Shared Archive to Mailbox Archive

UPDATE ArchiveView
SET Type = '9' WHERE ArchiveName = 'Test User'

--Shared Archive = 5
--Mailbox Archive = 9

--This is to view and check the changes above

Select * from ArchiveView
where ArchiveName = 'Test User'

Once SQL is done correctly, the archives that you created in Archives - Shared - will be listed in Archives - Exchange Mailbox

Once done you can then ingest PSTs to this archives from the PST Import process the usual way.


Hope this helps.

Level 2

Thanks for the comment.

However you still need to manually create the archives in EV Admin right? is it possible to create the Archive programmatically? 

Level 4

The link that Rob posted is to ingest PSTs into an archive that is already created I believe and not to create an archive using EVPM.

There's a technote to enable an archive for a mailbox user - but not to create one as a shared mailbox - I have not come across one to be honest.