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Critical Error event 2776 - CMailboxPermissions::CheckReadAccessToArchiveOrArchiveFolder

Level 4

I'm receiving continuous error event 2776 with description as following.

An exception occurred in routine CMailboxPermissions::CheckReadAccessToArchiveOrArchiveFolder 

 After a while the same event would be suppressed and every 15 minutes an event 4254 would be generated saying event 2776 is suppressed. Following is just one message.

Summary Event Log entries have been suppressed recently. 
The events that have been suppressed since 14:00:00 are listed below. 

Number of unique events: 1 
Number of processes: 1 

Error events suppressed: 16 
Warning events suppressed: 0 
Information events suppressed: 0 

    Error    2776 :    16 occurrences, last suppressed 14:14:55

What all I did so far looking for a resolution on this

  1. Added FixOrphanedShortcut DWORD with value 1 in HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents and restarted archive tasks (only started archive tasks after all archive tasks are stopped completely). This momentarily stopped the error event from appearing. But after a while error started appearing again.
  2. Restarted all nodes of cluster in which EV is implemented. This caused all windows services related to EV to restart. This also didn't solve the issue.
  3. Raised a support request in Veritas Support. One technician is working on this issue. He already took support logs and Dtrace logs. I'm just trying here to see if someone came across the same issue or not.

My EV environment

  • EV version: 12.1
  • OS: Windows 2012 R2
  • Configured in a 2-node failover cluster

Thank you,