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Custom filtering for journaling issue

Level 4


I've opened a ticket with Symantec Support.  When I get a solution I will post.

Separate topic but I do custom filtering for journaling with EV as well.  I'm trying to customize the 'Default Filter Rules.xml' to do two things.  First, I want to strip 'TIF' attachments (we get a ton) as well as filter email sent to particular email addresses.  Every time I add rule 4 below the journaling task fails with event ID 2276.  I've added the required registry dword for this option.  

Second, the example xml file has a variety of rules including a rule to exclude email if it originates from an email address but not 'sent to'.  How would I filter for email 'Sent to' said email?  Would it be similar to the distro group example below?  Also, thought maybe the Rule 3 would apply here but that desciption also says 'if it originates' not sent to like I'm looking for.  Would it be as simple as changing author to recipient(s)?

<!--Rule 2: This rule will exclude any email from archiving
        if it is sent to distribution list.-->


<!--Rule 3: This rule will exclude any email from archiving
        if it originates from the email address below.-->
        <RULE NAME="Confirmation" ACTION="HARD_DELETE">

<!--Rule 4: (Available for Exchange Server archiving only)
  Delete TIF attachments before archiving-->
            <FILE FILENAME="*.TIF"/>


Level 6

Did you look at the information in the guide:


Setting up Exchange Server Archiving

Working for

Level 4

Yes, I have been reviewing the Setting_up_Exchange Server Archiving doc.  I discovered a syntax error in rules 1 & 2 that was causing journaling to fail.  However, I still can't get Rule 4 into the xml without the journaling task failing.  I guess I'm not all that concerned.  We have a Faxpress server that forwards all efax's as TIF files from  I simply added a line to exclude archiving from that email addresss.  

It would be nice to sovle this as I'm implementing custom filtering for mailbox archiving as well.