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Customize Archive Explorer

Level 6
Is it possible to remove the restore item button from Archive explorer? If so how?


Level 4
You need to modify the webapp.ini file. Default location is Program Files\Enterprise Vault. If you do not have a webapp.ini file, just create one.

In the webapp.ini, add the following line:
ISRestoreButton = 0

That should remove just the Restore button
Once you make the modification, cycle IIS and on the client we are testing with, remove the temporary internet files and test.

Level 6
Ok I modified the webapp.ini on the EV server in the Enterprise Vault directory without success. Any other suggestions?



Level 6

That is the correct instructions. You need to double check what you've done.

Level 3
According to this article Webapp.ini is not even being used any more. Can someone confirm?


Restore button always shows up on web interface for open item if you choose view archived items using web browser (using outlook interface does not show Restore button if Desktop policy is set to do so)


If it is the case is it by design and is there any workaround ro remove Restore button from Web interface of Archive Explorer?

Is there any way to force users to View archived items" using "Microsoft Outlook" instead of "Web browser"?

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Hi there


WebApp.ini is still in use, but ArchiveExplorer* settings are not supported anymore.

See here:





cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Level 4
Partner Accredited

Hi Alan,


I have similar frustrations, but I've gotten this to work. I just confirmed right now that with this, I do not have restore, but without it, I do.


Below is the contents of my webapp.ini. It works for removing Delete and Restore from the Archive Explorer - both the integrated one and the standalone one.


If you can help me figure out how to get Delete and Restore off of search.asp, I'd appreciate it! :)


The caveats from other posters apply: these are apparently not supported anymore.


The important ones for what you want are the ViewMessage ones. They are the ones that take Restore off of drilled-into AE items. The ArchiveExplorer ones disable the right-click Delete and Move features in AE.


ISDeleteButton= 0
ISRestoreButton= 0
ISShowProperty= 0
ISShowExpiry= 0
ISShowRetention= 0
ArchiveExplorerSettings= 0
ArchiveExplorerDelete= 0
ArchiveExplorerRestore= 0
ViewMessage_Restore= 0
ViewMessage_Delete= 0
ViewMessage_Settings= 0