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DR solution for Enterprise vault

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Dear All,

We have enterprise vault server with version 12.1 with seperate dedicated SQL server 2012.

We want to create DR solution of EV. I understand that EV has been configured using alias however we used sql server physical name from EV.

Our plan is to replicate indexing, partitions and SQL databases to DR.

Replication of data is not challange here as we are planning to use Sanovi replication for this task.

We are worried about SQL how we can keep the same name at DR.

As workaround we planning to Rename  sql server with new host name, In DNS delete existing hostname and create a new alias with old host name & point that to new host name of sql server.

Please let us know whether it works for DR as well as DC?






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As for the hostname for SQL. Use the above to change the SQL servername to be an alias. When you then perform a DR for SQL, you only need to update the DNS Alias to the new value. Make sure to verify after changing the alias that it resolves correct from the EV server, using a ping. It sometimes takes 10/15 minutes before the change is usable. PErforming DR, make sure to stop all ev services. If you want to test SQL DR, you cn do below:

Stop EV services, set Admin service to disabled (prevents accidental restart). Move SQL databases to DR SQL server (use same instance and port!) Start admin and directory service. Verify they start properly, and in eventlog you do not have sql connectivity errors. When ok, start other services also.

If you want to be really sure, set backup mode on stores and indexes before you do above.

Regards. Gertjan