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DVS files moved from Centra collection location accidently - Need help to restore

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We have a situation that DVS files from the Centra collection drives were moved accidently which cased these items to marked a system deleted in the SQL JournalDelete table 

EVSVR is not available because the Environment is 10.0.4

We have the DVS file available with us only metadata is deleted from the SQL table.

I would like to try the below option, can you advise me the below workflow is a feasible decision, any suggestions on this is greatly appreciated

  1. Identify user archive ID and deleted item saveset ID’s
  2. Manually change Journal Delete table entries on the SQL table from 3 (deleted by system) to 0 (item hasn't been deleted yet) based on the article( )
  3. Copy respective DVS file to the actual location on the centra collection drive
  4. Wait for the replication reoccurrence
  5. Check with the end user and validate the status of the deleted archived items.

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I dont think that this is how the sql databases work.

If the metadata is deleted the only ways to recover it are through 

1.backup/restore db



I would strongly suggest not to try to recreate sql metadata manually.