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Decommission of EV 11

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We are planning to decommission our EV environment which is EV 11 CHF4 with Single site and 4 servers. Kindly suggest me if there are any good documents explains about EV decommission.

Will there any dependencies  if we delete the storage data after decommissioning EV and SQL.

Any suggession on this is much appriciated





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So my first question is what are your plans with the data in side of it? Do you know what data is there? If email data: Do you need the email it archived in any way? Are there shortcuts? Where are your mailboxes? Any changes there? Do you have a Journal? Any needs for that? OK that was more than one question. I think my point is your steps are dependent upon the need. I am in the migration space and see the majority of my customers (migration customers) migrating their data in these archives. Some do it manually... and if small enough maybe that is manageable. Most use a solution like Quadrotech's Archive shuttle to do it. In the end there is a huge spectrum of stuff you can do, starting somewhere near turning the system off and finding a means to delete shortcuts in user mailboxes to a migration. Some leave the data accessible via HTTP(s) to the users, some migrate the data back to the mailboxes, some are moving to another solution all together and need everything over there, and some export to PST files (my fav so we can show off PST FlightDeck within the decade). If you need help susing all of this out I am sure I know people who can help ;)

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Before doing so, make sure you have written statement from management/legal you can indeed remove the environment. Keep in mind that if you remove the archived data and the SQL databases, you can only return if you have proven backups. Indexes can be recreated, but having these backed up also is advisable.

The Installing guide has a section about uninstalling. You can also see article

good luck..

Regards. Gertjan