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Decommissioning the old data center

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Need expert advise related to enterprise vault

we are given a task where we need to decommission the old date center. Following ra ethe details:

Old datacenter

1: 6 exchange 2010 servers with 5 EV servers, 1 search and accelator server, and 1 SQL server for mail and journailing.

2: 1 EV, 1 search and accelator, 1 SQL server for SMTP archiving.

3: EV servers are running version 11

We need to commission 2 new data centers in acive/active configurations. Both will act as a DR site for eachother.

Phase 1:

Move the existing infta to first data center. Then build a DR solution when second data center is hooked up.

Need help in following:

1: what is the best approach to migrate users to new data center with all archives.

2: How to achieve High availability and DR for EV.

Thanks in advance


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Hi - First off, it's worth stating this is no small effort and you would probably be better off working with an experienced Veritas partner for assistance.

1.  Tech articles 35744 and 55377 list the actions needed to move databases and EV servers.

2.  Chapter 28 of the EV Admin Guide and chapter 12 of Intro & Planning discusses the Building Block method if your only HA options are native to EV; otherwise, you could employ other tools at your disposal such as VMWare Site Recovery or the myriad of others.  May also be beneficial to upgrade to version 12 to use Always On.

Hope this helps and happy migrating.