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Dedicated Index server for EV 10

Audience hi

I know how to move all INDEX data and change SQL entries for EV organization to point to new INDEX server. My question is, which roles, components must (are necessary) I install when I do a new installation. Shall I prepare a new EV server as for usual (including Outlook and MAPI profile) and just not configure archiving tasks? 

Thanks' for answers...

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before you get too far along,

before you get too far along, i recommend evaluating if you really need Index Server Groups. please have a look at:

Do I need to create Index Server groups?

Article:HOWTO57701  |  Created: 2011-08-01  |  Updated: 2015-01-15  |  Article URL

Hi actually I have a


actually I have a performance issue... This current EV server now serve 5000+ Exchange users and indexing cause bottleneck.

So I tought it would be wise to separate Index service.

are you journal archiving,

are you journal archiving, mailbox archiving, both?

what are the specs of your current EV server?

how many Exchange servers do you have?

how many user mailboxes are on each Exchange server?

Mailbox archiving, PST

Mailbox archiving, PST import, PF archiving

Win2008R2 STD on vSphere 5.5., 8vCPU, 16GB RAM, index disk as RAW mapping on Clariion CX4, EMC Centera GE edition

2 x 2007 SP3 CCR

approx 7000, not all curently enabled for archiving.

If I add another EV server, only remaning users will be indexed with new one. 

i would add another EV server

i would add another EV server so each EV server targets one Exchange server. you can use move archive to balance the existing archives between the two EV servers.

I have same tought... But: 1.

I have same tought... But:

1. manually moving about a half of users indexes one by one is painful and slow

2. it happens regulary that users are moved between SG and of course servers. I will have a mess in no time.

3. think on future, upgradnig to Exch 2013 and DAGs... There will be even greater mess with DAG archiving.

So the best way for me is to separate indexes to dedicated server... Only question now I have is either I prepare a new server for indexing and move all indexes to it or simply use a new server for archiving and provisioning tasks and the old one just downgrade for indexing. Since I use aliases for EV site and EV organization I think that there will be no significant impact if I use a new server for archiving and retriving. Should I also use it for searching?


Re: I have same tought... But:1.

I realize this discussion is a few years old, but I have a similar need to dedicate a server for search requests. Did you ever figure out how to build a dedicated server for the indices?

Re: I have same tought... But:1.

Hello PylesW,

Also for this one, open a new thread. That way people will look at it, and use latest information available. Include at least your EV version in your question :)

Regards. Gertjan