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Delete IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Original safely

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Hi, we have a customer that is migrating to Office 365 and getting rid of EV. After migrating mailboxes we see the IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Original in abbout 20 of the migrated messages. Can we delete these safely or will it break the shortcuts? Shortcuts have not been rehydrated yet.


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This appears to be normal but not what I am used to seeing. Ref:

I think this may be the messageclass of a "viewed" shortcut, not a shortcut in a mailbox.

It sounds like you migrated the mailbox prior to addressing the archive. You will not be able to "re-hydrate" while the mailbox is in M365 because EV does not have access to it anymore.  You should address the migration of archived items while the mailbox is on premises, if you are doing it manually. Third party migration solutions typically migrate after the mailbox is moved.

To more broadly answer your question for all EV message classes.... it is almost always OK to delete them but:
- Items that have a pending message class may not yet have been stored in your archive
- Items that fail to export from the source may have verbose shortcuts that are also desired.

You also do not need the shortcuts to restore item to the mailbox from the VAC and doing so without addressing the shortcuts will appear to result in duplicated items to your end users.

I would encourage you to pilot this process. There is no archiving solution I am aware of where the export or restore functionalities were designed for a mass export. Shortcuts are just one of the gotchas in these sorts of projects and in many cases the LOE to manually do it vastly outweighs the cost of using a third party archive migration solution (shameless plug) like Quadrotech's Archive Shuttle by Quest.

Even if I were not in the industry, I would really encourage you to re-evaluate native mass exports in the spirit of a migration to M365.

That is all I can think of.

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I nicked this from another entry (from Andrew_G).

The .Original message class is used when viewing an item in Outlook that supports Outlook Mail Apps.

It is used to indicate to the Enterprise Vault Mail App that this is the view of an original item retrieved from the archive. It is needed if Outlook is in cached mode, because the retrieved item may not have been placed into the Exchange store. In that case, the Mail App cannot use it's usual way of finding information about the item via Exchange Web Services, so we use the message class to indicate what the item is.

This change only affects the temporarily restored item though, and should not be persisted if that item is saved elsewhere. So if you are reading this class from an item opened from a shortcut, it is expected, and when you close the item, then the item will be deleted.

So, it looks like the answer to your question is a yes. In addition to previous answer. There are more migration  tools available.. Cloudficient, Transvault, and (if going to EV.Cloud), VRTS archive migrator. 

Regards. Gertjan