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We currently have our policy set to shortcut delete only. We are planing on re-hydrating quite a few mailbox which would restore the deleted items. Is there anyway to delete an item if there is no shortcut for it in Outlook? We do not want to restore the items where the shortcuts were removed. 

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Re: Delete items with no shortcut

Unfortunately, no, not really. EV's databases don't keep track of which shortcuts are present or absent in the mailbox. Therefore it's not possible for EV's export or restore operations to act on that information.

This is not that uncommon a request, however, so it might be worth a call to your account manager to make an enhancement request.




Re: Delete items with no shortcut

How many users, how much data?  Our Archive Shuttle product can target only items with shortcuts.  Feel free to give me PM and I can chat with you about it.


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Re: Delete items with no shortcut

Our support contract is up and we are not looking to renew. We are thinking about migrating to Exchange Archiving. 

Re: Delete items with no shortcut


it would help if you would tell us a bit more, like number of users for example.

Ev version, Exchange version.

Depending on these informations we can help you better.

Re: Delete items with no shortcut

Approximently 1400 users, EV 11 CHF4 and Exchange 2013.