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Deleted Vault Store in Marked for Deletion State

Level 3


New vault stores were cretaed and archives moved to those vault stores as well new index location were created.

I have deleted 2 old Vault Stores and after long time it still remains in marked for deletion stage, also the old index location still found in open state. There are no files in Vault Store Partition location except the 2 configuration files for the partion related.

Can anybody help me to complete this deletion process.


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Hello Alam,

When did you deleted the store? I know it can take weeks, if not longer, to see it disappear from the EV Console.


Regards. Gertjan


It has been more than 6 months.

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That is long... Is there anything in the Eventlog indicating an issue? It might be the Vault Store does not delete, due to some entries in SQL? You might want to log a call to support.

I assume services have been restarted in these 6 months. If not, it might be an idea to restart the EV services just to make sure that has been done.

Regards. Gertjan

There are nothing found from event logs, also EV services have been restarted several times.

However, as mentioned still find the index location in open state for the vault stores deleted and in health status it logs critical for for the old vault store dtabase backup and its transactional log backup.

Is there any SQL query to find if anything is lagging to be removed or pending refernece to vault store which has been deleted.

The index locations' being open is not related.


When a Vault Store is marked for deletion, it needs all of the following to happen:

1) All items in all archives in that Vault Store must be deleted

2) All archives in that Vault Store must be deleted

3) Finally the Vault Store itself must be deleted

Usually if one of these fails it will log an event.


The Storage Service will attempt to perform the deletion each time it starts, so if you're not sure why it's failing, the first thing to do is Dtrace StorageDelete and restart the Storage Service. The dtrace should show where the deletion process is getting stuck.

It's probably best to open a Support case so we can guide you through reading the trace and making whatever alterations are necessary to proceed.




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In addition, check this

Note the "Enterprise Vault may take a long time to complete the deletion operation. If the vault store contains any items that are on legal hold, or any SIS parts that are referenced by other vault stores, Enterprise Vault marks the vault store for deletion but it does not delete the vault store until these conditions no longer apply." remark.

That might be the issue. But, agree with Chris, DTrace, and involve support.

Regards. Gertjan


Thanks for the update

However, did ran storagedelete dtrace and observed below, looking for your kind suggestions.

768 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:H {CDeleteVault::BuildQueue}|2 items(s) added to the deletion queue
769 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L {CDeleteVault::BuildQueue} (Exit) Status: [Success]
774 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L  CDeleteVault::DeleteVaultStore Information: About to delete Vault Store with EntryId = [xxxxxxx] and Name = [xxxxx]
775 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L {CExpirySchedule::StopVaultStore} (Entry)
776 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:H {CExpirySchedule::StopVaultStore}|StopVaultStore (Expiry) called for Vault Store: xxxxxxx
777 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:H {CExpirySchedule::StopVaultStore}|Comparing IDs: xyzyxyxy
778 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:H {CExpirySchedule::StopVaultStore}|Comparing IDs: xyxyxyxyx
779 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:H {CExpirySchedule::StopVaultStore}|No Expiry thread found for this Vault Store
780 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L {CExpirySchedule::StopVaultStore} (Exit) Status: [Success]
783 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L {CDeleteVault::InitVSBDConnection} (Entry) VaultStoreEntryId = [xxxxxxxx]
784 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L {CDeleteVault::CloseVSDBConnection} (Entry)
785 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L CDeleteVault::CloseVSDBConnection Information: VSDB Connection is not present. So nothing to close.
786 09:46:35.848  [4392] (StorageDelete) <19952> EV:L {CDeleteVault::CloseVSDBConnection} (Exit) Status: [Success]

It's hard to tell what is preventing the deletion from just the snippet of the log you included. It would probably be best to open a support case so we can review the whole log and help you with any database edits that need to be done.