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Deleting a few Vault Stores

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We have EV12.2 doing email and journal archiving and a small amount of FSA.

I want to delete several vault stores that I no longer archive to as i need to reclaim the space used by the vault store partitions to provision other servers on the SAN. I will be able delete all the archives on these vault stores without a problem as the data in these archives is no longer required.

My question is based on the SIS parts that may exist on these VS partitions and be required by other vault stores that I need to retain (my vault store group is configured to Share within Group). Will this prevent me from deleting the vault store even if all the archives on the vault store have already been deleted?

The vault store partitions are about 1TB each and there are quite a few of these (thick provisioned) but I assume any remaining OSIS data will be a lot less than that - is there an SQL query that can tell me how much data (or how many SIS parts) still exist on these partitions once the archives have been deleted?

If necessary could I perhaps consolidate all the vault store partitions on to a single (smaller) SAN volume (I'd hope there won't be much data I'd need to copy) to allow me to delete the original partitions and reclaim the space.

Many thanks


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Hello Caden,

Answer to the first question is yes. If a shared part remains in the VSP, you cannot delete it. There will be a reference in SQL pointing to the VSP, preventing you from removing it from the Console.

What I would do:

Delete the archives. When done (which probably takes a while), get the size of the partitions. You might be able to shrink the partition, or if that is not an option, move it. You can then move it to a new location, which is smaller.

See the below 2 KB's.

Move VSP or VS to other location same server

Move VSP or VS to other location other server


Regards. Gertjan

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I would also consider CABs and CAB recollection and sparsecollectionPercentages (if partition collections are in play) as you will not be likely to reclaim the space you think and if you upgraded from the beginning of time perhaps much less without reconfiguration.