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Deletion of folders within an archive

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We are working in an environment with EV 11.0.1 CHF5 on VCS 6.1.

We have undertaken a PST Migration Project and are encountering an issue.

PST Migration here does not involve creation of shortcuts post migration; hence users will have to use "Search Vaults" to access the migrated psts.

We are facing issues where in the user is seeing duplicate/split psts in the Search Vaults.





One of the workarounds currently being pondered upon is to export the affected PST from the archive and then re-import after merging the duplicate/split items.
However, we want to know if there is a possibility of those folders remaining back and if yes, how do we delete them.


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Hello, I assume you import the PST files using 'collect and migrate'? If import is manual, there is an option to select (merge PST's), which will have folders that exists in multiple PST's to be merged in the archive (i.e. PST1\inbox and PST2\Inbox will show as imported\inbox)

If using collect and migrate, I do not think you can have this feature.

If using client driven migration, I do not think you can have this feature.

If you trust your employees to perform the same, and you have sufficient diskspace on the workstations, give the Virtual Vault. I believe 'header only' for the VC will be sufficient. Users can then re-arrange structure in the archive themselves.



Regards. Gertjan