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Deploy EV Addin on Windows 10

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Hey guys,

because Windows 10 Clients are getting more present in the company I tried to create a new GPO for installing the Addin on the clients, but it won't work.

At the moment I have EV 12.3 installed and we are using EV12.3 Client on Windows 7 64 Bit with Outlook 2010. Domain Controller is Server 2012 R2.

For my Windows 7 Clients I have a GPO with a Batch File (.bat) under Computer Configuration/Policies/Windows Settings/Scripts/Start/ with the following Syntax:

msiexec /I \\server01\EVOutlookv12.3.AddinPerMachine.msi /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL=Disable /l*v %temp%\EVClient.log.

This works like charm on my Windows 7 clients.

When I use the same policy for deploying the Addin to a Windows 10 clients, I find the error message "Unsufficiant privilages to install - Contact your system administrator" in the EVLog file on the Win 10 client.

I have disabled the UAC on the Win 10 Client, but the same error message.

Then I tried to modify the GPO to use Computer Configuration/Policies/Software Settings/Software Installation/ and pointed to the share path of the EV Addin msi file.

Made gpupdate /force on the Win10 Client and did a reboot.

When I make a gpresult /H c:\result.html I can see that the Software Installation has been triggered, but when I look in the Installed windows programs, I can see that nothing has been installed.

Any ideas how I can deploy the EV Addin on my windows 10 client?

Doing it with my windows 7 clients, was really easy.


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We have been long looking for the windows 10 screen recorder here and it is so easy to record the screen.

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For installing with UAC enabled, you need to execute (or include?) the setup.exe delivered with the client msi

Can you try that? If you do a manual install, does that work?



Regards. Gertjan