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Determining vault server of all messages.

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Environment:  EV 2007 7.5

Exchange Server 2003

Is there an easy way to find out which of two vault servers all messages are archived to?

Thanks in advance.


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Look at the Vault Store properties > Computer. That's the EV server that's in handling the Vault Store. Also, take a look at the archives to determine what Vault Store is being used to store the archived items.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the prompt reply GabeV.  I thought it would be easy but I guess I should've given more background info.  

We need to know because created a new vault server.  We then attempted to migrate emails from one vault to the other but it errored out and failed so all of the messages weren't migrated.  

We would like to either with a script or if possible a database query find out which emails are in which vault.

I was hoping there was a way to do it from the vault server side because I'm having difficulty finding a property within the mail item that stores the location/path on the exchange server side.



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The relation between archives and Vault Stores are 1 to 1: One archive <=> One Vault Store. From the SQL DB perspective, the relation between the archives and the vault stores is in the Directory DB, then all the savesets for a specific archive would be stored in the VS database. I am not sure if a SQL query will provide more details than the info you get from the VAC in this scenario. When you look under the archives, do you see one or two archives per mailbox? Also, what tool or procedure did you use to migrate the archives? Move Archive? A third part tool?

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I'll double check and get back with you GabeV. 


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I assume you had perform move archive between vault store those were managed by different EV servers & migration were not successful. If this is the situation then you would have now two archives, one is for OLD vault store and one is for NEW vault store.

As said by Gabe that we have 1-1 relation of archive contents with Archives & Archives have 1-1 relation with vault stores. Now if I understand you question correctly then you can run following query to know archives, vault store and storage EV server.


Use EnterpriseVaultDirectory


      AV.VaultEntryId ArchiveID, AV.ArchiveName, AV.ArchiveStatus, AV.ArchiveTypeName,

      vse.VaultStoreName, CE2.ComputerName as StorageServer

From ArchiveView AV

      Inner join VaultStoreEntry vse on VSE.VaultStoreEntryId = AV.VaultStoreEntryId

      Inner join StorageServiceEntry sse on sse.ServiceEntryId = vse.StorageServiceEntryId

      Inner join ComputerEntry CE2 on ce2.ComputerEntryId = sse.ComputerEntryId

Order  by av.ArchiveName asc


-----Note :- ArchiveStatus 0 = BeingCreate, 1 = Available, 2= Unavailable, 3= Closed, 4 = MarkForDeletion

I hope this will help.


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@askywalker, do you need any more assistance with this issue?

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