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Disable Archiving - deleted AD user

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we have a couple of user which are fully archived and the AD user was deleted but we forgot to disable archiving before deleting the AD user, so now i am not able to do this.

How can this be done that i dont get errors in the Event Log.




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I dont' have an environment near at the moment, but you can change the property in the SQL table for that user to disabled.

And how can i do that - in which table?

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I am not quite sure, but a deleted user should not have a working mailbox. Also EV will not archive mailboxes without an existing aduser.

So I dont even think this step is neccessary.

Also it is recommended to build an ADgroup "deactivated Users", EV should get an exchange policy where all existing items will be archived. And no further items will be archived anymore.

This way you will not accidently delete users before changing their policies.

@DW1_IT_Departme wrote:

And how can i do that - in which table?

ExchangeMailboxEntry table, MbxArchivingState column, change from 1 (enabled) to 2 (disabled).