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Disable Archiving on a Per User Basis

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Hi All,

Just wanted to check I am on the right path here.. 

We have a case where we would like a select few users to stop having their email auto archived after 30 days.  Am I right in thinking we need to do the following:  

1) Create a new ' No Archive' policy that contains the required settings stop archiving emails.. funny thing is looking under the archiving rules tab I dont see the option where you can select 'No Archiving' ! 
2) Create a new provisioning group specific to this case selecting the new 'No Archive' policy and ensure its higher up the order list than the generic provisioning group that is currently applying and auto archiving emails.
3) Add specific users to 'No Archive' provisioning group

Worth noting - the user will still have a vault and require access to retrieve emails.  We simply want to stop the auto archiving process on a per user basis.. I understand they may still be able to manually send emails to vault but this is not a concern.

Any guidance/documentation you may have would be appreciated!



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You can choose to disable the mailbox from archiving. 

Disabling archiving for mailboxes

Disabling archiving for mailboxes

There may be occasions when you want to disable archiving for a mailbox. If you disable archiving for a mailbox, you can later enable it again at any time.

To disable archiving for one or more mailboxes

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand Enterprise Vault Servers.

  2. Expand the name of the computer that runs the Exchange Mailbox task.

  3. Click Tasks.

  4. In the right pane, click the Mailbox Archiving task.

  5. On the Tools menu, click Disable Mailboxes.

  6. When the Disable Mailbox wizard starts, follow the on-screen instructions to select the mailboxes that you want to disable.

Perfect, I'm giving this a test now :) 

Thanks for your help,

Hi rycoombs,

Were you able to resolve the issue using the steps that were provided?  



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You are almost right. provisioning group.

2. no archive policy

3. Add Users

4 make sure they are not in any other provisioning group or the policy has higher priority.


Hi CConsult,

That would be another way to disable the mailbox from archiving if you want to maintain the EV toolbar and such in Outlook.  

Alternatively, you could just put those users in a provisioning group and uncheck the option to "Archive mailboxes in this provisioning group"



Hi plaudone1, yeah tested and confirmed working :)

Thanks for your assistance on this,


One thing that has been reported was some buttons on the EV outlook add-in are missing..

The disabled user can only see the 'search' section which has 'Search Vaults' and 'Archive Explorer' - they dont see the 'actions' e.g. section, store, restore, delete etc.

Is this related?  Ideally we want to be able to unvault some emails.

You can see that when disabling the maibox.  If you still need the buttons you can use another method to disable archiving.  Place those users in a provisioning group and uncheck the option to "Archive mailboxes in this provisioning group" and ensure they are first to be provisioned. 

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Its the last post of me.

Whatever buttons the user will see is defined in Exchange Desktop policy.

If the policy isn't there or wrong buttons may dissapear

Hi guys

Is there any policy that the user will cannot archive? 


Thank you for the answer.