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Disabling PST files in Outlook 2007

Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience in using the following group policy item to disable PST files in Outlook 2007?

Policy name: Prevent users from adding PSTs to Outlook profiles and/or prevent using Sharing-Exclusive PSTs



(default) PSTs can be added | No PSTs can be added | Only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs can be added:

RegKey: DisablePST (Values: 0,1,2)

By default, users can add PSTs to their Outlook profiles and can use Sharing-Exclusive PSTs for storing SharePoint Lists and Internet Calendars. You can use this setting to limit users' ability to store mail in a decentralized fashion. You can block the use of PSTs completely, but be aware that blocking all PSTs disables Outlook features such as SharePoint Lists and Internet Calendar.\n\nIf instead you allow only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs to be added to user profiles, PST usage is still limited but the Outlook features that rely on special PSTs are not disabled. The setting that allows Sharing-Exclusive PSTs to be added blocks users from creating new folders in the Sharing-Exclusive PST; copying existing mail folders from their default store to the PST; and copying individual mail items to the root of the PST.


I set this to "Only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs can be added".  I can then setup Vault Cache, sync etc and it actually seems to work.

Has anyone else used this GPO setting and what was their experience?



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After re-reading my previous

After re-reading my previous post I now noticed that this is the old DisablePST GPO, but with a new value of 2 (Only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs can be added). 

Using this new setting is what I'm interested in as I know that setting this to 1 will break VC.



Ben There is also a


There is also a possibility to "hide" the menu item responsible for creating new PST Files.
This could help, too.


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Hi Michel, when you say

Hi Michel, when you say "possibility" is it something you've seen in the GPO or something done via code?

it shouldn't break VC or OV

it shouldn't break VC or OV at all, because programatically creating PSTs was allowed
the one that had an impact for a short while with OV and VC was the PSTDisableGrow, though with the newer clients and new reg keys and an MS hotfix, you were able to override the PSTDisableGrow, again programatically