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Disk Space

Level 3

I have been deleting old archives from the Vault and have noticed that the amount of disk space used does not appear to be getting any smaller.
Do I need to do a defrag of the drive or is there something I am missing?

Many Thanks

Level 6

Alot will depend on two factors.  One have you got collections enabled and the other being sharing of DVS files.

So if collection is in use deleting an archive, will remove the reference for a DVS file from SQL, but the DVS file will remain in the CAB until there are less than 5% by default, items in the CAB that are still referenced.  At this time data in the CAB will be extracted and items deleted where ncessary.

If sharing enabled and used then if Archive A and Archive B both use the same DVS file, then deleting archive B will not remove the DVS file as it shared for another user.