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DiskMap regkey not working correctly

Level 4


we can see the following behaviour with the diskmap regkey.

There are partitions were are nearly 100% full but which are not in use anymore.

The data was moved. However the admin service stopped because of the size monitoring.
The event log says the partition N:\ and K:\ are rearly full.

On the server is no partition available with drive letter N.

We can see that the drive letters are "shifted"
N=K and K=H

So we excluded the drive "H" which has the value from N.
The ev server version is 12.4.1

Does anyone know this behaviour?

Kind regards,

Lucas Häussler


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Hello Lucas,

If I read that article, I understand that (following your listing to drive K), you get below 'numbers'

c = 4
d = 8
e = 16
f = 32
g = 64
h = 128
i = 256
j = 512
k = 1024
l = 2048
m = 4096
n = 8192

In your case, if you get a warning for N and K, the value should be 8192+1024 = 9216

That is, if I understand it correct :)

<added>You can also disable this monitoring for these completely. See

Regards. Gertjan

Hello Gertjan,

yes you are right. We implemented the value 9216 but the error were still appearing.
We also tested the values 128 for h and 8192 for n. Same behaviour.

But after we set the value for k (1024) the message regarding the h drive letter was gone.

It seems the drive letters are incorret for ev.

Best regards.