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Don't see Index for active partition

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I'm curious, I was just looking at index directory and I see an index folder for all of my closed partitions  for which there are 8. But, I don't a one for my active partition.


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if all your index locations are closed then no new archiving will happen. maybe someone went in and changed something by accident? if they are full you will need to create new ones or if they still have space you need to change the status (back) to open.

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Do you mean Vault Store Partitions or Index Locations?

Indexes are assigned to individual archives as opposed to vault stores or vault store partitions.

in EV9 and below, Index folders would only be written to for new archives that get created or when indexes rollover because they become too big.
So if you had 8 Index locations, and you enabled a bunch of people, and then you closed all those locations and opened new locations, the new locations would remain empty until you create new archives which creates a new index folder.

This used to create a lot of confusion, especially when running out of drive space, people wanted to close the Index locations hoping no more data would be added.
Bu it kept growing, you'd either have to move individual indexes out to a new drive, or full index locations to a new drive.

In EV10 and above when the 64bit indexing engine came about, anytime you close an indexing location, all archives that had an index in that location would roll over to the next available location. So if you were running out of room on a particular drive, you'd close that index location, and then EV would start writing to the next available location that was open.