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Downloading items from archive explorer


I want to prevent users from downloading or exporting items in any way from archive explorer (internet browser), I want just them to read the mails the have archived. I have been testing with policies but I couldn't find a way to do it. Can anybody help?




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Re: Downloading items from archive explorer


I am not sure THIS article will help, or assist in achieving the goal, but it is a start..

The article lists (as example):

ArchiveExplorerRestore set to "0" disables both Copy and Move menu options.

ArchiveExplorerDelete set to "0" disables both Delete and Move options.

Also see THIS article, which describes what you are after I believe. Keep in mind that changing the mentioned file affects ALL users, not just a few. I would test either after hours, or in a test setup..


Regards. Gertjan

Re: Downloading items from archive explorer

Out of interest, how do you stop them doing the same thing in Outlook with non-archived emails?

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