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EV 10.0.4 / Exchange Online / Public Folders (on-prem)

Level 4

Hi to anyone who can help me....

We are in the process of migrating our Exchange 2007 estate over to Exchange Online and have run into a problem, and I'm hoping someone on here can clarify it for me...

We are finding that our users who have been migrated to Exchange Online are no longer able to open archived emails storted in Public Folders.

What I have found during an investigation is that the EV Permission Browser tool is showing that all the users who have been migrated are no longer showing as having access, they are just missing from Permission Browser...

It is showing users that are still on-prem and the groups, just any users given direct permissions on the Exchange folder are no longer syncing.

Is this because EV 10.0.4 doesn't support Exchange Online?

The users still do appear in the Exchange 2007 GUI however the Recipient Type has changed from 'User Mailbox' to '2147483648' - as Exchange 2007 doesn't know what it is anymore.

It does appear they can access them if I add them to a group, as they are still synced... however we have over 400,000 Public Folders and to create groups for all of them is just a mammoth task...

Any help/suggestions/confirmation is much appreciated....