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EV 10.0.4 FSA, Archiving but not creating placeholders


I am testing E-vault 10.0.4 File Server Archiving,

i am able to archive but placeholders are not created on all the files.

Note: archived with policy set to archive all, Remove safety copies: Immediately after archive, back up is enabled, Share with full control


As you can see, its only "streams" that gets archived, Sometimes "Eula" gets archived at other times it doesnt.

I dont seem to know what the issue is, kindly assist urgently.



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Hello ojay4real, Have you

Hello ojay4real,

Have you reviewed the FSA Archiving Report? It's located under the Enterprise Vault installation directory\Reports\FSA\[FSA Archiving Task]. If there are any issues creating the placeholders, that report provides more details.

Hi, According the images,


According the images, verify the question about Event ID 41070.

Consult the technote below:

Thanks GabeV and Carlos, I

Thanks GabeV and Carlos,

I navigated to the report section and saw thisIssue.png I tried out solutions like disabling Digest then Basic authentication, using a (backup NT Backup) then a trigger file  but still got the same issue.

Any more ideas would be appreciated.


What's your shortcut creation

What's your shortcut creation settings under the FSA archiving policy? Open your FSA volume/folder policy > archiving rules > select the rule under the list > click on Edit and then the Shortcut Creation tab. Make sure you have 'Create shortcut immediately'.

It was already set that way

It was already set that wayissue2.png

You can setup a dtrace to

You can setup a dtrace to verify what could be affecting the process. Dtrace EVFsaArchivingTask on the EV server and EVPlaceholderService in the file server side:

How to run Dtrace to help diagnose issues with Enterprise Vault

Then, run the FSA Archiving Task again and take a look at the log files.