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EV 10 and Veeam backup copy to DR?

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Hi All

I am currently designing my EV 10 installation and am considering using a Veeam copy of the single production VM down to our DR location (which is in a different site on a different VLAN etc) as a valid DR solution for us, so has anyone else done this specifically to just make the archives available during a DR event?  I have read plenty about backing up EV using Veeam and the scripts etc, but this doesnt apply to me as i will be backing the server up at our HQ using our file level backup application (Tivoli Storage Manager) which will handle the archive bit stuff, so my Veeam copy is a cold copy of the server (left turned off at DR until needed) which is bought online if the main site is offline and we have switched all services to DR.

Im thinking i just need to Veeam copy the EV server (we have a seperate SQL server which runs SQL mirroring to DR) then in a DR event i bring this Veeam copy online, re-IP it, point it to the DR SQL server, change the DNS alias for EV so clients find the EV server and away i go right?

I am expecting to never do actual archiving during a DR event, it would be purely for archive retrieval.



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So all your archive data / indexing is contained withing this VM?

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Yes, all in the same VM.

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sssstew, I suggest you to duplicate these question here -