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EV 11.0.1 Domino; In-Line Attachments (Screenshots) not archived

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Just a general question. Unfortunately found no Info about it.

Is there any difference in archiving inline-attachments (Screenshots) in domino vs. exchange?

In exchange in-line attachments will be archived and are accessible via EV.

In domino it seemed that in-line attachments will not be archived and blow up the mail-database.

EV 11.0.1 Base

Domino 8.5.3 FP6

Thanks for help.





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From my experience, inline attachments in Domino are not seen as 'attachments' per se, but EV will definitely Archive them given the correct policy settings.


When archiving from Domino EV will look for a property to tell it that there are attachments, looking at Notespeek output of several of Domino items we see the below property against those that DO have attachments, this appears to be what EV is looking for in relation to attachments in Domino:- 

(name "EV26C5E2CCF2B9267C.HasAttachments") 
(value "1")) 

Items with embedded images\attachments only do not have this property set against the items, therefore EV is not seeing them as attachments, if you have a policy to archive only mails with attachments then this will be why EV is not Archiving the items with inline attachments.

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Hi Kai

Yes, there are defintiely differences between how Domino and Exchange store and represent embedded objects such as screenshots, and managing these from the point of view of archiving is more complex for Domino but we have written code specifically for these scenarios, and my expectation / memory of the code would be for an embedded object to be treated in a similar fashion to an attachment.

So, your post does concern me, particularly the reference that they 'blow up the mail database'! ;0)

Can you provide some more detail on the exact archiving and shortcut policies that you have set for these mailin databases? As per Ben's suggestion, is it a selective one for instance to ONLY archive and shortcut items with attachments, and the issue you are reporting is that those items with embedded screenshots are not being archived?

If that is the case then again from my Enginerering standpoint, this needs to be looked at more closely so please ensure you open a case and update this thread with the case reference so I can follow it.



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Hi Ben and Paul.

Sry need some time to verify it on customer side.

unfortunately my version of symhelp viewer don't show me the domino archiving policy. So I can not provide the whole information in one bunch.

The policy "Archive messages with attachments only" is NOT checked.

The shortcut with inline screenshots has no attachment-entry in properties.




We found the issue when customer import the mails via NSF-Import, scheduled archiving, manually archiving.

Is there an Domino-equivalent for RemoveEmbeddedAttachments?





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any ideas?


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Hello Kai,

I assume, when you say embedded attachment are not archived, you are actually pointing to the problem that they are not striped from the message. In other words, archiving of these attachments does work but in post-processing of such messages, the attachment is not stripped.

There is a setting in Advanced tab of mailbox policy which strips the attachments of calendar and tasks items but not the normal email messages.

I have tested this scenario in my lab (EV 11.0.1 and Domino 901), where I can see exact same behavior. When policy is set to Use Message Body for shortcut content then embedded attachment remain in shortcut body and does not get stripped. Sounds like a problem here!

When I tested a normal attachment (txt), the post processing actually stripped it from message and shortcut size reduced to 3K, where as in embedded attachment example, the shortcut size remains same as original.



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Hello Kai, 

Following up the case we have had and the analysis done by engineering, this is the technote which documents this behaviour, basically like the technote mentions the user experience of having the 'original body' takes precedence over space saving.

In the aforementioned scenario the embedded images are not stored into the $File field, but they are components of the message body.

For the records there's no RemoveEmbeddedAttachments for Domino.