EV 11.0.1 Search - Session Expired Problem

Hi @all,

we´ve updated our test environment to 11.0.1. 

Now we have a big problem.

When you open the search page in outlook or browser we´ve got the message: "Session Expired"

Symantec has published a techarticle http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH227564, but the article no longer exists.

There is a workaround described on this article, but we cannot use this workaround because of our security configuration for IE Cookies.

Is there a fix planned for the future?

Where is the techarticle TECH227564?


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Technote: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH227564


Regards. Gertjan

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The article says

Privacy Settings for the specific Internet Explorer Security Zone that applies to Enterprise Vault Search page have been set via registry key with a value different than the default value.
As a result the session cookie provided to the client browser is not being retained and used for subsequent communications with the EV server.

Modify the following registry key to ensure that the default value (3) is set:
Key (DWORD): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\<ZoneNumber>\1A10

Where <ZoneNumber> is a value from 1 to 4, depending on which Internet Explorer Security Zone that applies to Enterprise Vault Search page:

1: Local Intranet
2: Trusted Sites
3: Internet
4: Restricted Sites

it was probably pulled because it was really really really really bad


Thanks for your reply. I´ve

Thanks for your reply.

I´ve read the workaround, but we can´t set the default vaule(3) for this key, because of our security policy for cookies and trusted sites. 

Is this failure still in hotfix 1 for  EV 11.0.1?


You should probably call

You should probably call support to find out if theres a better way that it can handle this.
After all, if you were to use it outside in, like a published website, that site would be considered Internet as well, so are they saying the solution is only good for Intranet enabled sites?

That being said its quite uncommon for organizations not allowed intranet based sites to be classifed as intranet


I´ve opened a case. I will

I´ve opened a case.

I will update the post here, if i have any further news from the support team.


Any update - I am having the

Any update - I am having the same issue and have similar security requirements.


The case is still open at

The case is still open at symantec. I´ve been waiting for feedback.

If I have any news, i wil update this post.



Hello, same problem here - I


same problem here - I have also a case @Symantec open



Hi, any update about this


any update about this issue?

i've tried to change manually the registry key, but hasn't solved


I have this problem but only

I have this problem but only on users using IE11 version (update version 11.0.15 KB3008923). I couldn't get the reg keys to work either. Using Chrome as an alternative browser is our work around.


I am with Swipe, we use

I am with Swipe, we use Chrome as a work around...


If you use the

If you use the Outlook-Add-In, you cannot use chrome or an another browser.
The add-in use the IE to open the search web page by default.



Then you give your users the

Then you give your users the url to search.asp


Any update from Symantec on

Any update from Symantec on this?

Regards. Gertjan

No not yet. I´m still waiting

No not yet. I´m still waiting for feedback.


Same problem with Outlook-Addin and IE11

Hello, we upgraded to 11.0.1 CHF 1 and ran into the same problem - users cannot access archives using the EV Search. Please Symantec, at least give us a timeframe for a fix...

You all need to log cases

You all need to log cases with symantec, you can refer them to this post but you can't depend on the original op to solve your problem Especially if there's multiple causes for the same error, you maybe wasting yours or your clients time

I rebuilt my laptop last week

I rebuilt my laptop last week and thought I would try it to get a screenshot to log a call with - and it works.

So I guess my advice to anyone else having this issue would be to do all of the Windows updates on your PC and see if that helps you.


As JesusWept says, please

As JesusWept says, please raise a case as the root cause might vary in each instance.  I have seen a variation of this where the Zone 4 (Restricted Sites) 1A10 registry value was not set to the default value of 3 (Block All Cookies), and strangely if it wasn't set to 3 then the EV Search issue would occur.  This was because of a GPO being applied that set this value to 1.  Doing a reset of the IE settings via the Control Panel Internet Settings icon would get it working again until the GPO was reapplied.  However, there may be other issues that result in the same symptom so please raise a case.


One other option to try

One other option to try before raising a case (but only if all users use IE10 or higher) is to set the UseRestrictedSecurity web.config value to 0 for the Search virtual directory on the EV server.  This VD is under the EnterpriseVault VD in the default website.  Change it via the Application Settings option in the right hand pane of IIS Manager.  See HOWTO109415 for more information on this setting.  An IIS Reset is not required after the change - it will take effect immediately.