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EV 11.0.1 using SMTP - Custom Filter Rules

Level 4

Hi ! (sorry for my english, i'm french speaking)

i'm new with EV 11.0.1 and I need to implement SMTP.  Actually we are using Exchange, this server drop the mails to another server called "B" and EV grab the mails from this server "B".  We want remove the server "B" so SMTP will help us.  With this method (old one), we are using custom filter rules.  We have set the file "Default Filter Rules.xml" with all the email (~80 email)  we don't want to archive.  My question...

with SMTP does this service will use this filter ?  If yes, There is special setting to do ?  If no, there is another solution ?

I talked to the Exchange admin and we have about 10000 email spread in 150 bank.  The SMTP setting with the target adress for SMTP is done from bank side, so all email in this bank are set with the target adress and pushed via SMTP to EV. 





Level 6

Hi! (I studied French in high school, mais j'ai oublié pretty much all of it.)

The custom filtering you are using is Exchange-only. It doesn't work with SMTP.

To achieve the same "Do not archive" filtering on certain e-mail content or metadata with SMTP archiving, you would need to use Classification, which requires an upgrade to at least EV 12 and a new EVRetention license. (Though you might be able to cross-grade to this license depending on what you've already bought. Your account manager can help you figure that out.)

Hope that helps.