EV 11 FSAUtility restoring file versions


Is there a way to get FSAUtility to restore all file versions when used for a bulk recall? I want to restore a large number of files (about 2TB) back to the file server but have noticed that sometimes users find the latest file version won't open and therefore need to open an older version - I'm not sure how many files are affected in this way and so I'm looking for a way to get all the versions recalled so the users will still any an option to open a different version of the same file if necessary. I'm not worried if the filename needs to be appended with a .1 (or something) to distinquiish between the different versions.

thanks in advance

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Re: EV 11 FSAUtility restoring file versions

Hi CadenL,

This is not possible with FSAUtility as it will only restore the latest version of the file in the archive.  This would have to be done using EVS to restore a previous version of the file. Does the latest version of the file open in EVS? 

There is a utility that Professional Services has that will allow the restore of each version of the file.