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EV 11 with SSL on W2k12R2 IIS??

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i have some problems with the config of EV11 with SSL on our W12k2R2 server. With activated SSL ( i enabled require SSL on IIS on the EnterpriseVault folder with ignore client certs) i get

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.


The steps what i did are:

1. create a web certificate from our internal CA

2. create a new binding in IIS with port 443 and applied the certificat to that

3. on EV admin console activated SSL on port 443 for the whole site (we have two EV servers one on each site)

4. on the EV Server every https URL works fine like  https://servername.domain.local/enterprisevault/Search/Shell.aspx

But in Outlook the users get a 403 Forbidden error when SSL require is enabled on the EnterpriseVault folder in IIS. Windows Authentification is enabled for this folder / website. So without SSL everything works fine. I followed this guide here

So our target is that every internal communication to the EV from the Outlook clients goes over SSL. So i hope anbody can help me in this case.

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If you want to have SSL communication, you also need to change this on the site-properties.

On the General tab, you will see "Use HTTPS on SSL Port" (default = 443).

If you change this, you might want to read om on this:

And on this:

Be advised that running the rebuild will put an additional (heavy) load on your EV and Exchange environment.


Regards. Gertjan

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this is what i did i changed this from port 80 to 443 on site properties and i know that i have to recreate shortcuts after that. But first of all i think the website itself must work on port 443 and that´s not working.

Best regards