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EV 12.2 mailbox archiving task fails tor Exchange 2016

Level 5

We recently migrated EV from 11 to 12.2.3.  At the time, we were archiving Exchange 2010, and were still able to after the EV upgrade.  Shortly after the EV upgrade, we migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2016.  Since then we've never been able to get Mailbox Archiving to work.

We have EV system mailboxes for each of the two Exch 2016 servers.  We've created Mail profiles on the EV server and opened each in Outlook 2013 (on the EV server) to confirm we can access the mailbox. 

We've deleted the tasks, Exchange targets, and MSMQ queues - recreating the EV Exchange targets and tasks from scratch. We ran the Exchange Provisioning task before trying to start the mailbox archiving tasks again.

The mailbox archiving task will start for one of the two mailbox archiving tasks, but for the 2nd task, we get the following error event ID's every 16 minutes : 7206, 3230, 3460, 2256.

We see Exchange databases listed in the Targets tab for both mailbox archiving tasks.  If we go to the Synchronize tab, we can see a list of mailboxes.  If we pick a mailbox to Synchronize (from either mailbox archiving task), the Synchronization times out after about 10 minutes with similar error event ID's : 7206, 3230, 3196, 3188.

We confirmed we have the correct registry key for the Exchange Provider according to

I can provide event log details if that would be helpful.


Level 5

Have you set the throttling policy from the Exchange 2016 servers?

I'm not sure we've run this properly for each system mailbox.  We did run it for the vault service account. 

I have a question about syntax.  We now have two Exchange 2016 servers,  but no DAG.  We have a EV system mailbox for each server.  So do I run something similar to the following directly on each Exchange 2016 server?

.\SetEVThrottlingPolicy.ps1 -user <domain>\ev_sys_user#

If I'm running this script directly on the Exchange server for the EV system mailbox in the command, do I need to specify the "-server exchange_mailbox_server" ?


You only have to run it for the VSA.

Get-Mailbox should tell you if the EV throttling policy is applied on the VSA.

Perhaps a Dtrace for the ArchiveTask and AgentClientBroker would provide more information.