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EV 12.3 & Exchange 2016 & Outlook 2016 -> Password prompt

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we are using EV 12.3 with the current add-on in our Exchange 2016 / Office 2016 installaton. Unfortunately, users are getting an Password Prompt when tryiing to browse the vault or when opening archived mails.

I already executed all the steps in this article:

However, I don´t understand the Solution 5 correctly:


Remote Procedure Call (RPC) over Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is being utilized  

  1. On the users desktop, hold Ctrl+Shift and right-click the Outlook icon in the system tray.
  2. Select the Connection Status option.
  3. Verify that the Connection is set to TCP/IP, if it is set to HTTP/S then RPC over HTTP is being Utilized.
  4. This is expected behavior to be authenticated in an RPC over HTTP environment.


I checked the connection status of my client (RPC/HTTP). Someone who supports our exchange environment told me to enable the mapi over http function, because this is the prefered protocol and that this one is disabled through the migration process from exchange 2010 to 2016.

After enabling this feature, the clients are connecting with HTTP only. 

So what do I have to do that the clients are connecting with TCP/IP to test if the pass-through authentification works? Or is there even another solution I missed with EV 12.3?


Thanks for help




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One thing to check is if the Enterprise Vault server web address is added to the Local Intranet on the clients.

If RPC/HTTPs is being used, one authentication prompt per session is expected.



Yes, the local intranet thing is done with an gpo and working

One thing I also check is opening the enterprise vault directly within the browser with http://servername/enterprisevault. Even this works without prompting for credentials.