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EV 12.4 Outlook-Addin not working on Terminal Server 2012 R2

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He guys,

we have Windows 7 Clients, Windows 10 Clients, Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server and a Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server.

On every of the named above destinations the EV Addin is working properly.

But since some weeks, the EV Addin 12.4 on the Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server is broken.

Everytime the window for entering the password is poping up.

I can click on the EV Addin tab and afterwards on my Mail Account, but after that click I get an error message, that there has been an error. (see attached photo)

Any ideas?


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I never tried that, becuase I don't think it'll work properly. One of the things your foto shows is Vault Cache. Can you disable Vault Cache for that user, try again?

Also, have a look here. Has some things to check when running client on terminal server/citrix. It is supported, so you can also call support on this.

This one mentiones password prompts specifically

Regards. Gertjan

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it seems like you are using the Vault Cache without Outlook Caching.

Either activate Outlook cache or deactivate the setting in EV "to only work with offline store"

Thanks for your suggestions.

The Vault Cache has never been enabled. I checked the setting right away, to be sure.


Regarding the OutlookVBScript solution:

I executed the command on the Terminal Server, but there is still the same problem.

msiexec /i {90150000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE} ADDLOCAL=OutlookVBScript /qb


Regarding the Policy adaptation:

I entered in a present GPO of the terminal server the following entries.


Admin Templates\Windows components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page: Site to Zone Assignment List Enable


The strange things is that it worked for the last month without a problem.

I think after some windows updates something changed and this is the reason why it is now like that.

But how can I find out what is the reason.


So now I have two symptoms:

+ The error message when I klick on an archived mailbox in the enterprise vault tab. (Search Vault)

+ The popup for the login credentials, which pops up everytime when I click on an archived item in my mailbox. I can click on save credentials, but when I close outlook and restart it, then I have to add the credentials again.




Now the popup for the credentials is gone.

I had a mistake in the group policy. So this is fixed now.


The only problem which is left now, is that when I enter the tab "Enterprise Vault", clicking on "Search Vault" and then click on the name of my archived mailbox, I get an error message, that an error occured. (see attached picture)

Sadly the logfile doesn't give me much information.

Any ideas how to get rid of that? Would be great if we can access the archives again.

Any new suggestions?

Would be great if someone has an idea to resolve this issue.