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EV 7.5 Archive.exe failure with msvcr80.dll

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Is anyone having this same problem?  We upgraded to EV 7.5 and have a mixed environment of Ex 2003 and Ex 2007 servers.  The archiving tasks for all the Ex 2003 servers keep failing.  We have Sym tech support involved, but they have not resolved.  Wondering if anyone is having similar issues and if resolved, how you resolved?  We have completely uninstalled and reinstalled 7.5 and deleted and recreated new tasks to no avail.  The 2007 side appears to be working fine.

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When you say the fail do you mean they don't start at all, or will they run for a bit then crap out?
Do you have a dtace snippet to post of the failure?

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The tasks start when you right click and start them, (from the EV Console) but they fail within 2 minutes or less.  We have no problem with the task for the Ex 2007 server, but both tasks for the Ex 2003 servers have the task failing issue.
We sent a complete dtrace log to Sym tech sup.  Not sure if these are the relevant portions, but here are a  few snipits that contain the words error and/or fail.
BTW, there are no errors in the Windows log files when this happens.  We get a Microsoft dialogue box when we log into the server that says ArchiveTask.exe has failed.
Also, Sym Tech Supt escalated to Micosoft (in a joint call,) but Microsoft wouldn't help us because they said Outlook and the Exch System Mgr are both installed on the EV server and they don't support situations where they are both installed on the same server.
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7287 14:44:27.252  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <2168> EV:M CSavesetOnIStg::get_ContentHandlingName
7288 14:44:27.252  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <2168> EV:M CSavesetOnIStg::ReadStreamedPropertyBin
7289 14:44:27.252  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <2168> EV:H CSavesetOnIStg::ReadStreamedPropertyBin _com_error exception reading streamed property.|Property Name: CHGuid|hr=%1 could not be found.  [0x80030002]
7290 14:44:27.252  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <2168> EV:M CSavesetOnIStg::ReadStreamedPropertyBin (Exit). hr=%1 could not be found.  [0x80030002]
7291 14:44:27.252  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <2168> EV:M CSavesetOnIStg::get_ContentHandlingName (Exit). hr=False [0x1]
7292 14:44:27.252  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <2168> EV:M CSavesetOnIStg::get_ContentHandlingName (Exit). hr=False [0x1]
6157 14:42:05.242  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <7040> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Retrieved the shopping service computer name = "mailvault" |
6158 14:42:05.242  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <7040> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Setting up the DCOM parameters |
6159 14:42:05.258  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <7040> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Calling RestorationComplete with the TransactionId = "IHS\xec97332\20070727143934355\1", and the SavesetId = "509000000000000~200610172022590000~0~727CE10F57DB487AB5A2D78A76C522E" |
6160 14:42:05.258  [8056] (ShoppingService) <3620> EV:H Failed to find the following basket description:| Shopper: IHS\SVC_IHS_EVault| BasketID: 20070727143934355 |
6161 14:42:05.258  [8056] (ShoppingService) <3620> EV:L Failed to update the restoration status of a restoring item because the basket has been deleted. |
6162 14:42:05.258  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <7040> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Exiting routine successfully |
6163 14:42:05.258  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <7040> EV:L CQueue::~CQueue (Entry) |
6680 14:43:34.504  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <3608> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Setting up the DCOM parameters |
6681 14:43:34.504  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <3608> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Calling RestorationComplete with the TransactionId = "IHS\xec97332\20070727144328582\1", and the SavesetId = "831000000000000~200610201805270000~0~B115AD611805461D9125EBB0518BE29" |
6682 14:43:34.504  [8056] (ShoppingService) <5728> EV:H Failed to find the following basket description:| Shopper: IHS\SVC_IHS_EVault| BasketID: 20070727144328582 |
6683 14:43:34.504  [8056] (ShoppingService) <5728> EV:L Failed to update the restoration status of a restoring item because the basket has been deleted. |
6684 14:43:34.504  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <3608> EV:H :CRestorationAgent::UpdateShoppingBasket() |Exiting routine successfully |
6685 14:43:34.504  [5988] (RetrievalTask) <3608> EV:L CQueue::~CQueue (Entry) |

Level 2
My mistake, there are errors in the MS logs.  Here is one.
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Error
Event Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000
Date:  8/9/2007
Time:  2:31:24 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: ENG2PAPP02
Faulting application ArchiveTask.EXE, version, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.762, fault address 0x00050388.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74   Applicat
0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c   ion Fail
0010: 75 72 65 20 20 41 72 63   ure  Arc
0018: 68 69 76 65 54 61 73 6b   hiveTask
0020: 2e 45 58 45 20 37 2e 35   .EXE 7.5
0028: 2e 30 2e 31 32 35 30 20   .0.1250
0030: 69 6e 20 6d 73 76 63 72   in msvcr
0038: 38 30 2e 64 6c 6c 20 38   80.dll 8
0040: 2e 30 2e 35 30 37 32 37   .0.50727
0048: 2e 37 36 32 20 61 74 20   .762 at
0050: 6f 66 66 73 65 74 20 30   offset 0
0058: 30 30 35 30 33 38 38      0050388

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From that trace is seems that someone started a restore from the webapp search and now the shopping basket is deleted.
If you look in MSMQ do you see any thing in the

Enterprise Vault Exchange Mailbox task for <exchangeserver>a. <number>b. r1   or

Enterprise Vault Exchange Mailbox task for <exchangeserver>a. <number>b. r2 queues?


If so, you might consider stopping all the task and purging the queues and try again.  That may not be the main issue as to what is going on, but it will clear up the dtrace.


Once you do all that you can start a dtrace and then the task giving you issues and see what is in that trace.



Level 6
Where did you get your media and lincenses from for version 7.5

Level 2
From Symantec.  We have a maintenance contract.

Level 2
I am having this same issue. Was there any resolution?

Level 6
You say you logged a call with support.  We have witnessed this issue a lot lately and should be easily resolved.  Are you or have you used some sort of migration tool to migrate your users?  It sounds like a flawed Exchange attribute may be responsible for your mishap.

Level 2
After spending a couple of weeks back and forth with support they are assuming it is caused by having multiple self permissions on mailboxs that were moved by our migration tools. Which is nearly impossible to verify, without resetting mailbox permissions on 2000+ mailboxes.
And even if this turns out to be the case, I would still like someone to explain why Symantec seems to be the only product that we are running against the mailboxes that cares if there are redundant permissions on a mailbox. I could understand if the permissions were conflicting, but they are the same, so why should it matter?
Anyway, we are working on updating the permissions, and I will post the result.

Level 6
Our engineering team is dilligently investigating reasons why.

Level 4
To be fair here, permissions are usually easy to identify through the use of ADModify which can export out mailbox permissions to an XML file, and you should then see in the <not inherited> segment multiple selfs and users.

Microsoft have also acknowledged that this causes problems within Exchange 2007 itself, so Enterprise Vault isn't the only program that suffers from poor migration utilities, however with the new API's and coding standards I believe more applications will start seeing this as an issue.

Level 6
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So, Maynard, have you got word from the engineering team yet?


cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Level 3
What was the resolution for this issue?

Level 3
I have exactly the same issue.
Did you ever get it resolved - I am currently trying to work through and amend all the permissions manually myself but if it still doesn't work at the end of it I'd love to know.
It is kind of annoying when one of the main reasons we used EV was to help with the size of the mailboxes we were migrating. Smiley Sad

Level 2
We have resolved this in our enviroment for the moment. We had to create an in house application to reset the mailbox permissions on all the affected users on all of our exchange users. Investigations with Symantec showed the even if you are not vaulting a mailbox, if there is a permission reference to the user from another mailbox it can cause the failure, so instead of doing 150 vault users, I had to touch 10,000+ mailboxes to fix the issue.
That said I was recently contacted by symantec support to test a couple of tools/scripts they have come up with to address the issue, but couldn't since we had fixed it already. I was told they have a case open with Quest to investigate the issue further, so if you are having the problem you should contact support. If it helps my case number was 320-071-137.

Level 3
Bruce, thanks for the info - I do currently have a case open with support so will mention this.
Cheers Smiley Happy

Level 3
We have the same problem exactly!

EV ver 7.5, new fresh installation.
Exchange 2003.

we work in cluster mode (both exch&EV)

So far no solutions from symantec Smiley Sad

Level 6
Symantec not told you of the same workaround?

Level 2
I have the same issue too.  We are using Exchange 2003 MS Cluster and Evault 2007.
Everything was fine when first installed but it is now failing since applying EV2007 SP1.
Where can I get hold of these scripts to try removing these multiple permissions?