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EV 8.02 - Wrong Desktop Policy (Vault Cache on) being applied to user mailbox


We have EV 8.0.2 with all clients running Vista.

We have 2 desktop policies, 1 for all desktop users which disables Vault Cache and its associated toolbar button, and one for Laptop Users that enables it and shows the 'Synchronise Vault Cache' toolbar button. We have 1 laptop user who is definately in the provisioning group which applies the 'laptop' desktop policy, but who is for some reason picking up the 'desktop'  desktop policy. I've tried to resync the mailbox, disabling the mailbox for archiving and re-enabling, running the client reset utility, putting her in the provisioning group directly (as opposed to the windows group that is used for every laptop user of which she is a member) etc...but nothing works.

All other laptop users are correctly receiving the correct desktop policy.

Has anyone seen this before and is there a fix?


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Does this user sit in a policy which is in a higher provisioning task level than the laptop policy that they are meant to be in?

i.e. Please see image below (this would be the correct way to place the provisioning task in the correct order to allow your vault cache users to get their policy over another provisioning task which they are also in.


Just had another thought as well if this user's mailbox is over the limit then we will not be able to sync the hidden message which contains the policy settings so this is another thing you may need to check.

 Try... try deleting the OST

 Try... try deleting the OST file on the users workstation, and let Outlook pull down a new copy of the mailbox....

Or...  at least... check the hidden message in the online copy of the mailbox (by taking the Outlook client out of cached mode).

Hope that helps,
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is there something to look

is there something to look for for a hidden message? I don't seem to have any. I similar problems as above. thanks.

There is a subtle bug which

There is a subtle bug which was found recently in this area. I'm not 100% familiar with it (yet!).. but relates to swapping policies, and the Vault Cache or Offline Vault-ness of the user afterwards.

The hidden message can be seen with MFCMAPI, MDBVU32, or Outlook Spy.  It's on the inbox I believe.  Remove the evoffline one, and Vault Cache will disappear.

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